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When Was the Last Time You Updated Your Electrical System?

Call in our experienced electrician for system updates in Ozawkie and Valley Falls, KS

Whether you need to get your lights back on fast, or you're looking to get new appliances powered up, you can trust the experienced electrician at J&L Electric of NE Kansas to get the job done right. We provide professional electrical services in Ozawkie and Valley Falls, KS. With over 25 years of experience, our electrician is equipped to handle all of your home or farm's electrical needs.

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Don't Blow a Fuse

We'll upgrade your electrical panel to prevent any accidents

5 signs that your home needs electrical work

The best way to prevent an electrical accident at home is to get informed on the most common warning signs. You should reach out to our trusted electrician if:


Your outlets keep shocking you


You notice a smoky smell


Your lights are flickering


Your electrical panel has damaged wires


You hear a buzzing sound in your walls

When you start noticing these issues in your home, reach out to us to get a free estimate for professional electrical services.

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No matter what electrical work your home requires, our electrician can handle it. You can rely on us for:

You can rest assured any electrical work we do is safe and up to code. Contact us today for more details about our electrical services.